Pomeranian Husky Mix for Sale

A lot of individuals are baffled between the difference between a Pomeranian husky mix and a Pomsky. Obviously it depends since the puppies of Pomeranian husky mix are similar to Pomsky puppies in certain aspects and they look the same. Nevertheless, you have to take note that not all are considered as official Pomskies.

Avoid the fake breeders

Pomeranian Husky Mix for Sale

A number of breeders with the main objective of earning fast cash simply offer a Pomeranian and Husky mix. You have to avoid these breeders since they cannot help you at all.  For the Pomsky to be considered as an official breed, it will take years of selective breeding of dogs that have specific characteristics. The Pomeranian husky mix can be considered as mutts. It does not signify that they are not good pets, but they are not similar with the Pomsky.

What you should do as a pet owner

For pet owners, they should be diligent before purchasing pets, counting the Pomsky. Always observe proper care when investigating every breeder before buying a dog from them. It cannot be denied that many people are out there to mislead eager buyers. Make it a point to research and review every breeder that you will meet.little dog for sale

Pomsky puppy fraud
It is important to ensure that every breeder you will get in touch with is certified by their local government. The increasing Pomsky fraud is real and you should be aware of it. Even though this is not a desirable subject to talk about, you have to be aware of this issue. You do not have to experience this scenario. Nevertheless, if you discovered that your puppy is not a real Pomsky, just take care of it. Take note that every animal is special even if it is not the breed that you wanted.

Always take care with the breeders that you will consider. Make sure that they abide with the local and federal laws. In case you find anything suspicious, it is best to report to the local government so that these issues will be dealt with. Try to be careful if the breeder claims that they offer Pomeranian husky mix for sale since it might not be the actual Pomsky that you are looking for.


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  1. Hi, I live in Turkey and I would like to buy a Pomsky puppy. Is this possible? How much are they and how long would it take for it to get here? Can you please give me some information of where and how I can get one?
    King Regards

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      • Do you know anything about turkey? Climate, culture, landscape? How can you be certain that a pomsky couldn’t find a place to live in the entire country? Do you live in the native land of huskies? Get off of your racist high horse lady, they were only asking the same questions as everyone else.

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  2. Very interested in having one id these puppies..I live in Pennsylvania..if u can send more info I would appreciate it

  3. I would like to buy a pomsky puppy if you have any available! I live in California and would like to purchase one as soon as possible. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  4. I live in Michigan and interested in getting a pup. Would need to know if they are friendly with other animals. We have a King Charles Cavlier already and she loves everyone. And we would like to keep her happy.

    • Yes friendly with other animals
      Iv got f1 pomskies and f2 pomskies available $1500-2500
      In Michigan

  5. i live in beavercreek oh and I’d love to have one. I already own a husky. (: I’m very well informed on the care they will need. If there’s any available I’d love to talk.

  6. I would love to get a Pormeranian husky, i just don’t know where i can bye one or how much they cost, if anyone could send me some info, that would be great.

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  8. I am totally in love with this breed. I have done the research and have decided it would be a great addition to our family. I live in Illinois and honestly would drive just about anywhere to view and purchase just the right one for us. If you know of any actual breeders or stores who carry them please let me know. My little family thanks you.

  9. I am looking for a pomeranian/husky mix. Please send me a list of breeders around Atlanta area. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

  10. I’m very interested in a pomsky i stay in farmington hills, mi. where could i get one and how much do they cost?

  11. I’m Looking for a pomsky puppy and wanted more info on where to buy and the average cost.

  12. I, too am interested in a Pomsky. Where can I get more information? Thank you in advance for your help

  13. I am interested in purchasing a Pomeranian Husky could you please send me more info on the price and how I can buy one please?

  14. Interested in buying a pomsky puppy. If you know someone who breeds them, I’d like to talk to them. I live in Iowa

  15. I would like to purchase a Pomsky as a gift for my children. I would like to purchase certified Pomsky with AKC documents please. Serious and legal responses only.

  16. i would love more info on the Pomeranian husky and where I can get one and the price I am very interested

  17. I would love to get a pomsky I have 2 little kids who have fallen in love with the pomsky pups can you shoot me some more info

  18. Hey I live on the west coast Vancouver isl and would like to find a pomski for my girlfriend. Need help

  19. Hi I love this breed and need one to keep my little Milee who is a 5 pd feisty white fluff maltipom company:)) I live in Oregon so how can I find a breeder nearby or what type of options available?

  20. From what I have found these puppies can go from $1000-$3000. They shed, so need daily brushing. Also need alot of attention.

  21. I have a husky and I love huskys but I am wanting a smaller house dog and these are perfect! Do you have any for sale and how much. I live in west ky.

  22. I want one of the Pom Husky they are so cute do they have any health problems because they are mixed what’s their cost

  23. Oh my.. It is the same mix no matter what. If a husky and Pom you get a mix. All these breeders are doing is selective breeding. You try and mate parents with certain sizes and characteristics that people want but it still is no guarantee. Never will be. Each puppy in the litter will be different and will get the genetics Mother Nature intended. That’s what happens with mixed breed dogs. There is absolutely no guarantee of what you get or what they will look like as an adult by what they look like as a pup. You’ll have no idea whether it will be 5 lbs (VERY RARE) or 20-30 lbs (most common).

  24. Actually a Pomsky is a Pom Husky mix…. They isn’t a AKC, etc. POMSKY so I don’t understand the “real POMSKY” comment.

  25. I’m interested, like everyone else, but have a couple questions. -What is the personalities of the parents, how would you best describe them? -How old the parents. -How many litters has the mother had & how many puppies in each litter on avg? -Of course we’d like to meet the patents first, where are you located? I’m in Florida, just north of Tampa/Clearwater. (This question makes others irrelevant) If you are too far away, do you know of any reputable breeders in my area? Thank you.

  26. Just trying to get a price finding out more about these dogs

  27. I am very committed to finding out information and getting a pomsky to bring to its forever home. I live in Michigan. Any info on breeders would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  28. I’m looking for a Pomsky puppy… Live in Ontario canada … Where can I get one or two even and how much?

  29. I live in Manchester England and i would like to buy a Pomeranien husky miniture how and where can i buy one

  30. Hello there. I am from Regina SK. I am very interested in purchasing a female. Is this at all possible?! Please email me back whenever you get the chance.
    Thank you ! 🙂

  31. I live out side Toronto canada.
    And am very interested in buying a Pomsky.
    My daughter is 4 months old and I would love having her grow up with such a cute companion. Please contact me via email or txt. 6472677611

  32. My husband and I are looking to buy a pomsky pup. If anuone knows where to find some please contact us. We live in Jackson, Kentucky.

  33. Pomsky puppies can range anywhere from 1000 up to 6500 is the highest I’ve seen. Plus if out of US you are looking at another 1500-2000 to have puppy flowen over to where you are.

  34. I’m looking to buy a Pomeranian husky puppy when the right breeder has them available…..

  35. I have had a husky and a Pomeranian and I love both. A mix would be fabulous for me. I am very interested in locating one for myself. I live in Decatur Alabama.

  36. I am interested in purchasing a pomsky. I would like to know from where and how much are they. Or rescue one if possible if you know any shelters that have them

  37. Hi these pups are beautifull … my boys really want one… could you please send us info one how to give one a loving lifetime home . Thank You

  38. Our family is looking for a pomsky puppy. We live in Evergreen, CO but will travel to buy a puppy.

  39. How are pomskies born when a husky is so big and a Pomeranian is so small wouldn’t the husky kill her during mating and I am looking to buy a nice pomsky I really want one but the problem is I cannot find one near my area or in my price range if anyone can help me please please please contact me I really want this dog I want the dog to be female

  40. I would love to have one I live in Marion and if I could find one that would be amazing. and can I get some more information please.

  41. I would like to buy a Pomsky. But I can’t find them in Germany. Pleas get back to me as soom as possible.

  42. I would like more information on prices availability and geography of reputable breeders I live in Oregon so within a two-state radius

  43. I live in glenwood Iowa and I would really love to get one for my grandma. She has owned one before and it would make her so happy to have one. Keep me posted.

    • Hello,
      I will love to let you know do have both male and female pomsky now ready to visit their new and loving home okay.thanks and hopping to read from you if you are still searching for this pomsky.you can contact me by text(918) 516-8734 or email me at marklott10@gmail.com

  44. People…have you researched this breed. Yes they are cute!!! But are you ready to spend $2000-5000 for this puppy? A puppy that is basically a mutt. They are not reconized by any dog clubs. All someone did was breed a husky and a pomeranian. …called it a designer dog and now is asking alot of money for these puppies.

    • Thank Goodness, another person with common sense! I agree they are basically mutts, regardless how cute they might look. BEFORE anyone spends this kind of money, why not visit your local Pound/Humane Society and see what they have for cute puppies/dogs. That way you’re not only gaining a cute pet, you’re helping to curb the tragic condition of an over-population of dogs/cats in the US and saving one life of approximately 2.4 MILLION dogs which are euthanized every single year in this country every year, that’s about one every 13 seconds. If you’re worried about not spending $1,500 plus on a puppy because you’ll lose the “Bragging Status” of owning an expensive dog, here’s the solution. Go to the pound, pick your new family member, pay the low adoption fee, THEN… Make a donation of about $1,000 plus to that pound/humane society to help care for the others who don’t get adopted! You keep your bragging rights, one less forgotten dog on the streets, and a lot more dogs with a chance at a rewarding future they deserve.

  45. I am looking to buy a pomerainian husky puppy to join our family. Is there a reputable breeder in Johannesburg or Pretoria, South Africa which you can recommend?

  46. Hi,

    I’ve been researching this breed for a while now and my boyfriend and I would like to get one or two however we can’t find any in Vancouver, Canada. Any leads? Thanks so much!

  47. I am interested in purchasing a Pomsky and would like to know if there are any Breeders with excellent credentials in Southern Ontario. Thank-you

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