Pomsky Puppies Buyer’s Guide – What to Consider Before Purchasing

       There are few things more universal in the world today than our collective love of dogs.  This is a love that stretches across time and space, and is found in cultures all over the world.  Even so, there are certain breeds which are more associated with a certain place than others.  We can look to China and find the origins of the Shih-Tzu, one of the most popular—and adorable—puppies on the market today.  There’s no breed quite so associated with the pomp and perfection that’s so associated with fine French culture.  There’s nothing quite so American as a fine Labrador, collie, beagle, or similar breed.

tiny cute pomsky dog

Tiny Cute Pomsky

       There’s a reason for these cultural puppy underpinnings.  It’s not for nothing that we have so vivid a memory of Lassie (a collie), and Mount Rushmore will have eroded long before we ever stop loving the antics of Snoopy, undoubtedly the world’s most famous fictional beagle.  There are outliers, to be sure—John Steinbeck, as American a writer as there has ever been, owned a poodle, and his relationship with that dog led to one of the Nobel Prize-winning author’s later works, Travels With Charley—but this is, for the most part, how the breeding and puppy market operates.  Of course, in the age of globalization, these national preferences begin to blend together, leading not just to a wider exposure of different breeds across the globe but, occasionally, the mixing of different breeds into a brand-new one.

       So it should come as no surprise that the Pomsky puppy is making quite a splash in the media and puppy market today.  These small puppies are making a big impact on the online dog breeding and puppy market—all of which, of course, has led to imitators and less-than-kosher advertisements being made when it comes to these dogs.  What is a Pomsky, what does it look like, what should you look for, and what scams are out there that you’ll want to avoid?  Let’s take a look.
1.    MATCHMAKER, MATCHMAKER, MAKE ME A MATCH: A Pomsky is a dog which is bred from a perfectly-matched pair, namely, a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.  As such, they share some of the characteristics which are unique to both breeds.  They’re definitely small dogs, and very compact, owing to the Pomeranian heritage, whereas they likewise generally inherit their white and grey coats from their Huskies.  Due to their nature as the product of a mix of breeds, you’ll naturally want to ensure that whomever you’re buying your Pomsky from has made a good match with regards to the mother and father of the puppies.  You definitely want strong and healthy match, so you’ll want to give your breeders time to find and breed a perfect match.  Good things take time, and dog breeding is no exception to that rule.  As such, you may find yourself waiting weeks or even a month or two before you come across a breeder who has found a pair that will work out nicely.

2.    BREEDING EXCELLENCE: There’s simply no substitute for a quality breeder.  As such, when searching for a Pomsky puppy, don’t be lured in by cute pictures of pups, guarantees or low-low prices, but instead check the credentials and background of the breeder you’re looking into buying from.  Nothing is more important to these puppies than the start they get in life, which will ultimately be determined by the breeders themselves.  Furthermore, you’ll want to check out these Pomsky breeders and be sure that they’re not exploiting the popularity of this new breed by running some kind of scam.

a pair of pomskies

A Pair of Pomskies

3.    BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE: There are a few tips and tricks that can help you identify liars and frauds.  To begin with, the less transparent and open the dog breeder is, the more suspicious you should be of their business practices.  Within reason, a dog breeder will generally answer most of your requests kindly and openly and allow you to inspect the parents and their living conditions, as well as the puppies upon birth; if an owner resists showing you any of this, they may well be hiding something or have less-than-honest breeding practices.  What’s more, if you ever run across someone who states that the mother of your Pomsky is a cute and pampered Pomeranian and the father a strong, virile Husky, you should take your business elsewhere, as that’s not the case—all legitimate Pomskies are bred from a Pomeranian father and Husky mother.  Consider the logistics of a small dog such as a Pomeranian carrying the puppies of a far larger dog such as a Husky and you’ll quickly understand why.

4.    MONEY MATTERS: Striking the right balance between consumer and breeder is key to maintaining a good relationship with your breeder as well as getting the most bang out of your buck.  Dog breeding is an expensive venture, and the old adage is as true here as ever—you get what you pay for.  There’s a lot of specialized care that the best dog breeders employ to maximize the potential of their breeds, and all of that costs money.  By the same token, we all have to stick to a budget, and some of the best dog breeders might well be out of your price range.  Here again is a situation where you want to hit that Aristotelian mean—that is, the moderate, “perfect” amount, not so cheap as to receive a weak or poorly-bred dog, yet not so expensive as to break the bank.

Pomsky Buyer's Guide

Pomsky Buyer’s Guide

5.    TEMPER, TEMPER: Because it’s such a new breed, the exact temperament of a Pomsky is still being discovered; that being said, they’re still generally considered to be very intelligent and loyal dogs.

6.    GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND: As with any dog breed, you’re going to want to do plenty of research on huskies, Pomeranians and Pomskies before you actually do purchase your furry friend.  There are plenty of factors which can make this a great choice for you, but there are certainly things which might not be suitable for everyone.  For example, Pomskies do shed, and while they’re not the most notorious shredders on the market, if you want a dog that doesn’t shed, you may want to think more carefully about your choice.






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