Pomsky for Sale – Before Purchasing a New Friend

Your family has decided that they would like to add to your family.  You have all decided that you would like to purchase a puppy.find-pomsky-puppies-for-sale  There are so many breeds to choose from that you have decided that you would like to purchase a pomsky.

The job now is to find a pomsky that is for sale.  You begin your search on the internet.  In your search you find numerous websites that have pomsky puppies for sale.

Pomsky Puppies for Sale

As you are searching on the internet for breeders that have pomsky puppies for sale you won’t find a lot like most breeds.  Pomskies are a designer breed.  They have grown in their popularity over the last couple of years.

There are some particular pomsky breeders which sell their puppies only if they are spayed.  There are a couple of the breeders that if you pay an extra fee you can have your puppy not be altered.  There is also a breeder that will have you sign a no breeding policy which they have drawn up by their lawyer.  This particular breeder understands that some individuals don’t care to have their tiny pomsky puppypuppies spayed at a really young age.  They basically would like you to send them proof that the puppy has been spayed at 6 months or they will revoke the right to ownership.

Before your puppy goes home with you they will have shots, an exam, deworming, and whatever else they may require from the veterinarian.  The age in which a breeder will let the puppy leave varies from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.

What Happens Next

When you find a specific pomsky breeder there are quite a few things you will need to do.  First most of the breedersPomsky-breeders have a waiting list.  Each breeder has specific number of individuals that they will have on their waiting list.  They have all said that they will state on their website when they will open their waiting list.  You will need to contact them at that time to place on the list.

Once you are placed on the waiting list most of the breeders require a deposit.  This deposit shows the breeder that you are serious about wanting a puppy.  Without placing the deposit down you will be taken off the list.  Once the puppies are born then how it could work is the person who paid their deposit first will have first choice.  Some of the breeders do offer a P.O.L. (pick of the litter).  This specific offer is offered at an additional cost.  These breeders mostly breed their females twice a year.  They also have more than one female to use for breeding.

As you are looking at the different breeder’s websites you be able to see the pictures of the females and males that they use for blue-eyed-pomskybreeding.  You also have the option of having the breeder ship your dog to you if you aren’t able to pick it up.  If the breeder isn’t too far from where you live it might be a nice idea for the family to be able to go and pick up your new puppy.  Having your puppy shipped to you will be an additional charge.

Now that your family has decided which type of dog you would like to add to your family the next step is finding the breeder that you would like to work with.  You can get an idea of how the breeder is from reading their website.  A more professional and knowledgeable breeder will have their website filled with important information for individuals to read.

30 thoughts on “Pomsky for Sale – Before Purchasing a New Friend

  1. Hi my name is Tawnya Weber, I was wondering how much they cost?? And when where they born?? Also if you live in NM or Texas or close to tularosa?? If you can reply when ever you can thank you so much!

  2. im looking to buy a pomsky for my sons first birthday but dont know where to get one from? and how much they are? as i can only find american sites :s

    • Hey I saw a photo of one of these beautiful puppies abd fell in love where can I get one and how much please?

  3. I’m looking to buy a pomsky for myself and children. Are there any in pa close to Pittsburgh or greensburg. If so how much and when will they be available

  4. looking to purchase a puppy pomskie, that will be small full grown. I live in Michigan..but am willing to drive to another state for the right puppy ! how much are your puppies ? plz reply, am very interested.

  5. I am looking to buy a Pomsky pup if possible…I live in East ayrshire Scotland any information anyone

  6. I had a chow huskiy sine she was five weeks. I had to put her down last may. She had just turned twelve. I miss her everyday.thise puppis remind of my Chloe girl

  7. I am very interested in purchasing a Pomsky, could someone please contact me. I live in Minnesota. Thank you

  8. I would like to buy a pomski pup. Where close to Ohio can you get one and go see and talk to a breeder? How much are they? Please reply ASAP. Love this dog.

  9. Hi I desperatley want one of these baby’s! Please let me know how to get one ASAP!!! Let me know the price and I will pay u just as soon as u have a puppy! I’m soooo excited please send me info! Thank u so much

  10. Hi I want a dog that but cheap between 500-700 a female that have all her shots and have blue eyes and black and white a like a 4 month

  11. I am looking for a male black and white Pomsky puppy. I live in Michigan and I am handicapped, so I cannot travel far. I would prefer to have the puppy shipped. Please let me know when a liter becomes available. I have many questions about the Pomsky as far as care.

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