Why Pomskies Are So In Demand

Dogs are pretty much ‘man’s best friend.’ They’re cuddly, friendly and they’re always there when their families need them.

According to many surveys about the subject, dogs are practically considered the ‘favorite’ pet of many people. The fact that both dogs and humans have shared a ‘special bond’ throughout centuries speaks volumes about that.

Thanks to advances in genetics-related technology, there are now two types of dog breeds: purebred dogs and crossbred dogs. While there are thousands of purebred dogs in the world, the abundance of crossbred dogs has practically doubled that number.

The process of crossbreeding dogs is accomplished through mating two dogs of different breeds, often to have the resultant litter possess (usually) positive traits from their parent dogs. One of the more popular crossbreeds in recent times is known as the Pomsky.


The Pomsky

The Pomsky is the result of breeding the Pomeranian and Husky. They’re often characterized by their short Pomeranian statures with fluffy Husky-tinted fur and the familiar Husky demeanor. The most common instance of this cross breed features a ‘narrow fox-lie face and taut ears.’ While they can look as sturdy as a Husky, they don’t get any bigger—or heavier than 15 pounds—when they’re adults.

Thanks to their cute and fluffy looks, Pomskies are becoming incredibly popular amongst dog lovers, to the point that Pomsky puppies are highly in demand. Thanks to this popularity, they’re not even available most of the year!


Traits and temperament

One of the main reasons why Pomskies are so lovable are their temperament. They’re just as energetic as they’re cute, so people who love cute, crafty dogs will adore them.

Since they’re quite crafty, they will be a handful, as they love attention. They’re also friendly with other people and animals, if trained well. Like many dogs, their temperament will change, so you will need to keep an eye on them and give them the attention they need.

When you see a Pomsky puppy for the first time, you probably will notice their thick coat—besides their Husky-like looks, of course!

Their coats are usually long and relatively simple to maintain. Pomskies also have a pointed snout, their nose surrounded by hair. Their ears also stick straight up, just like their Husky parents. Typically, Pomskies will appear as a small ‘mini’ Husky, though there are some that look decidedly more like their Pomeranian parent.how_to_buy

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Caring for your Pomsky

If you do decide to get a Pomsky, know that they do take well to other pets and children. As puppies, they’re incredibly friendly around others. Even though they do have a relatively calm nature, good training will help them stay well behaved throughout their lives. Their average lifespan is said to last at least 10 to 14 years, depending on their care.

Thanks to their popularity, Pomskies might be difficult to find anywhere. So, if you’re interested in finding a Pomsky puppy for your family, you may have to consult an online breeder.

Many online breeders post advertisements and host websites with all the information you need to get your own Pomsky puppy. Just remember that you may have to wait a while to get a hold of one of these affectionate and warm dogs!

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  1. Looking for a Pomsky preferably female but not for breeding just have had better luck with females vs males

  2. looking for a pomskie do you have any for sale and some pictures and where you are located and the process

  3. Would love to purchase a Pomsky pup that has the Husky features and how is the pup transported say to Utah from outside breeder?

  4. hi was looking to breed some Pomskies have done research on it but wanted to know if i could get some helpful tips from someone who has bread them before

  5. I live in South Africa in East London. I am looking for a pomsky . I had put my malamute to sleep 2 years ago & now feel i am ready to have another dog in my life. As i love malamutes & husky’s & poms , i think a pomsky seems to be a great joice .

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